Consulting Doctors

Clinical Staff – Our Orthoptists

In most cases, your visit to the ophthalmologist will begin with an orthoptic examination which involves taking a medical history, ophthalmic history, measuring your current vision and when appropriate, measuring you for glasses. Our orthoptist will also measure the pressure of your eyes (intra-ocular pressure – IOP) and if necessary, instill eye-drops to open up your pupils. This enables the ophthalmologist to perform an examination of the front and back parts of the eye.

The orthoptists liaise with the treating ophthalmologist and perform other tests as needed, eg. visual field test (VF), ocular coherence tomogram studies (OCT), measuring corneal thickness and mapping the contour of the cornea (corneal topography), measuring the eyes prior to cataract surgery (biometry), intense pulse light (IPL) treatment for dry eyes and fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA). For further information please refer to our section on ‘Clinical Equipment’.

Administration Staff

The friendly and helpful administration team at Doncaster Eye Centre is here to ensure that your experience at our practice is as pleasant and efficient as possible. We will always endeavor to help you resolve any issues or concerns which you may have.